• Malaysia is globally renowned for the diverse food palette it offers, one of the primary attractions for foodie globetrotters. This remarkable food variety is attributed to centuries of Chinese and Indian culinary influences along with the abundant local flora and fauna providing a plethora of indigenous ingredients.

    One classic Malaysian dish that captures this diversity immaculately is the Fish Head Curry. This delicacy is a personal favorite and I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a taste of the unique culinary richness of Malaysian cuisine. Today, we are enjoying this gastronomic delight at the Tugu View Cafe, so let’s get started!

    Tugu View Cafe, situated in Kuala Lumpur, is a famous destination for ‘nasi campur’- a meal of assorted foods over rice. This style of serving a combination of cooked and fresh sides over a heap of steaming white rice is a popular midday meal choice across Southeast Asia.

    The buffet at the Tugu View Cafe teems with spicy curries and savory soups, a variety of whole fish options, and an assortment of local fresh and steamed vegetables, allowing you to pick and mix. To experience it like a local, pour an additional scoop of your favorite curry sauce over the rice before commencing your meal, enhancing the flavor quotient of each bite.

    Among all the culinary treasures on offer, the standout dish is their special Fish Head Curry. The fish heads used for the curry are sourced from the Red Snapper (‘Ikan Merah’), a sea fish that is ideally suited for this recipe. The large, meat-packed head of the fish filled with tender meat satisfies eaters for a good while, providing a fulfilling and enjoyable dining experience.

    There are a number of restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that serve Fish Head Curry, but Tugu View Cafe is a gastronome’s haven. Each visit to Malaysia for me has been a unique food exploration journey, but the jubilant experience of relishing three fish heads in a row stands out.

    A satisfying meal at Tugu View Cafe encompasses spicy curry over rice, a generous serving of fish head and good companionship, making it a highly recommended culinary outing. Malaysian food has an inherent ability to excite and thrill your taste buds while simultaneously evoking a sense of peace and contentment, truly capturing the relaxed and easy-going nature of Malaysian culture.

    Tugu View Cafe, despite its modest approach towards photo and video shoots, leaves an impressive mark with its amicable staff and delectable servings.

    Named after the famous Tugu Monument situated nearby, the location doesn’t just offer a great culinary experience, but also the beauty of its natural park, a vast flower garden, and open walking spaces by the prominent monument.

    The monument was constructed as a tribute to the valor of Malaysian soldiers during their struggle for freedom. Just as liberating is their signature dish that pays tribute to the mesmerizing local Malaysian cuisine.

    Please be reminded, the entrance to the restaurant isn’t quite evident when arriving on foot possibly from the nearby garden. The nearest entrance is up a few flights of stairs, passing a little shop selling ice cream and frozen durian, which caters to the sporadic influx of Vietnamese and Chinese tourists.


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