• The question of where to stay in Kyoto is a common one among those planning a trip to Japan. It’s not surprising given Kyoto’s vastness and the diverse neighborhoods it boasts. In this guide, we’ll help you navigate the city’s accommodation landscape and provide recommendations for different areas in Kyoto. One thing’s for sure – regardless of where you decide to stay in Kyoto, we promise you’ll have a fantastic time.

    Kyoto holds a special place in our hearts, ranking as one of our favorite destinations in Japan. In fact, any Japan trip that skips Kyoto feels incomplete. However, the challenge lies in the myriad choices, making it easy for any traveler to feel overwhelmed.

    The trickiest part of recommending accommodations in Kyoto is that it heavily depends on what you’re looking for. There’s no one-size-fits-all “best accommodation area in Kyoto” as it hinges on the essence of your travels. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list based on what you might be seeking. Hopefully, this aids you in finding the best area to stay in Kyoto and the ideal Kyoto accommodation for your visit.

    Many of our recommended lodgings are traditional ryokans, and for those unfamiliar, a quick note may be necessary. Ryokans differ significantly from Western-style hotels. The most notable distinction is the absence of beds; instead, futon mattresses are laid out on the floor at night. Some provide yukatas (casual kimonos) for guests to wear within the ryokan, and all insist on guests removing their shoes upon entering. Communal baths, known as onsens, replace private baths or showers, though many of our recommended ryokans do offer private bathrooms. Don’t let this deter you; it’s an authentic way to experience local culture.

    Choosing Downtown Kyoto: Downtown Kyoto Hotels

    Ritz-Carlton Kyoto – A Luxury Haven in Kyoto

    This is no ordinary hotel – it boasts stunning rooms and exceptional amenities. The location is unbeatable, situated along the Kamo River with breathtaking views of Higashiyama. If you’re in search of something truly extraordinary in Kyoto, this is unequivocally the choice.

    Machiya Accommodation – Immerse Yourself in Traditional Kyoto Townhouses

    For an authentic Kyoto experience, staying in a machiya (traditional townhouse) is a must. There are various machiya in the same area, all superbly renovated to provide a genuinely immersive experience.

    Kyoto Royal Park Hotel – Affordable Excellence in Downtown Kyoto

    The Kyoto Royal Park Hotel offers excellent value for its prime location. Indeed, it’s perfectly situated with top-notch restaurants and Nishiki Market right at your doorstep. The rooms are clean and practical, and the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful.

    Budget Inn Kyoto – A Wallet-Friendly Hostel in Downtown Kyoto

    For a budget-friendly hostel experience in downtown Kyoto, this is a solid choice. The hostel offers air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms. There’s also an onsen available for use, and the beds follow a Japanese futon style.

    Exploring Southeast Higashiyama: Accommodations in Southeast Higashiyama

    Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto – Luxury Defined in Kyoto

    This beautiful hotel is an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the city. The rooms are not only stunning but also offer beautiful views of historic gardens. The service here goes beyond all expectations, with staff assisting you in every aspect of your Kyoto travels. The facilities are top-notch as well.

    Yuzuya Ryokan – The Pinnacle of Authentic Luxury in Southeast Higashiyama

    For authentic luxury accommodation in Southeast Higashiyama, this beautiful ryokan is your go-to choice. Blending ancient styles with modern luxury, this ryokan offers beds instead of futons. It’s situated in the heart of Gion, right next to Kiyomizu-dera.

    Kyoto Granbell Hotel – Mid-Range Comfort in Southeast Higashiyama Kyoto

    Kyoto Granbell Hotel stands out as one of the best mid-range hotels in Southeast Higashiyama Kyoto. It’s a modern take on traditional ryokans, located in the narrow lanes of Gion. The underground onsen offers a beautiful garden view. If you’re looking for an affordable Kyoto onsen hotel with modern facilities, this is your choice.

    Ryokan Kyoto Inn Gion – Budget-Friendly Ryokan in Southeast Higashiyama

    Kyoto Inn Gion provides an excellent budget-friendly option in the heart of Gion. Although rooms are small, they’re tastefully decorated and include all the necessary amenities. It’s a fantastic place for budget-conscious travelers who want to experience a ryokan.

    When choosing accommodation in Kyoto, consider your personal preferences and budget. Whether you opt for downtown or Higashiyama, Kyoto promises a unique and delightful experience. May your trip to Kyoto be full of surprises and joy!


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