• Maui and Hawaii, in general, are hotspots for vacationers, and it’s no wonder why. Here, you can bask in stunning tropical weather, breathtaking landscapes, mouthwatering barbecues, and thrilling activities, making it one of the most sought-after travel destinations.

    Ranked as the “Best Island in the U.S.” by the renowned Condé Nast Traveler magazine, Maui is Hawaii’s second-largest island. Naturally, during your journey to Maui, you’d want to savor the best the island has to offer in terms of dining experiences.

    Here are five must-visit restaurants on the west side of Maui.

    Star Noodle

    Star Noodle is a celebrated restaurant on Maui, and for good reason. Situated by the beach, you’ll dine on a charming little terrace adorned with twinkling lights. There’s nothing more delightful than relishing delicious food with an even better view.

    The cuisine here is primarily based on Hawaiian traditional fare. The menu boasts items like the Miso Salmon Poke Bowl, featuring shrimp, squid, and miso salmon. Star Noodle also offers larger, shareable plates, so gather your travel companions and embark on a culinary adventure, tasting all the delightful flavors. The location of this restaurant is unparalleled.

    I always love trying vegetarian and vegan restaurants when I visit tropical regions. Why, you ask? Because they often showcase the best ways to cook with local produce. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy meat dishes. However, crafting meals around the fruits and vegetables indigenous to the surrounding area brings out the best in local ingredients.

    Moku Roots

    Moku Roots was created with the purpose of delivering exciting vegetarian and vegan menus to the island known for its meat-centric dining.

    Give their Taro Burger and Jamaican Spicy Mushroom Corn Roll a try. They also offer excellent alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage selections.

    Sale Pepe

    If you’re in the mood for Italian food—this is the place to be. Sale Pepe is run by a couple who met in New York. Here, you’ll find authentic Italian dishes like homemade pasta and pizzas.

    This is undeniably a must-visit restaurant on Maui. Since 2016, it has garnered several awards, making it the perfect spot when you crave some delicious comfort food. Moreover, they have an impressive wine list that pairs perfectly with Sale Pepe’s culinary offerings.


    Located at the oldest hotel on Maui, the Pioneer Inn, Papa’aina has a history dating back to 1901, originating from a love story between a British man and a Hawaiian woman.

    The menu revolves around breakfast and lunch items such as omelets, seafood, and ramen. The ramen here is the best I’ve ever tasted!

    Despite the seemingly quirky variety of food offerings, whether you come for breakfast or lunch, it will satisfy your cravings. Once you’ve been here, you’ll understand why Papa’aina made it onto our recommended list.

    Gerard Reversade

    For special occasions, you’ll want to head to Gerard’s Restaurant, as it comes with a higher price tag. However, the fusion of French-inspired cuisine with Hawaiian flavors is worth it.

    Operated and owned by chef Gerard Reversade, who has garnered multiple awards in Hawaii and made appearances on the Discovery Channel, the food here is exceptional. Make sure to save room for desserts as there are plenty of choices, and they all taste heavenly.

    Maui might be known for its beaches, but let’s not forget about all the culinary delights. On your journey, check out our recommended must-visit restaurants on Maui and savor the delectable cuisine!


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